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Genesis is a high concept sci-fi thriller that follow the household of a rebellious son and a controlling mother as they live on a barren planet after the earth has been rendered uninhabitable. A two character Genesis's heart relies on the mother son relationship and as the son struggles with the ideas of truth, freedom and the choice he has to make. Genesis was a location based film where we utilized two main sets: A house in which we completely redesigned and dressed putting in fake walls to create new rooms and hallways, and  the second location a desert which we hand to coordinate all creative and logistical preproduction from 500 miles away, with a on set crew of over 30 people this was no easy task. 

The Funding Campaign

Genesis was a crowd funded film raising a total of $10,000 in donations. To help grow awareness for the film we had a  three video campaign that helped build the world of Genesis giving them small stories for viewers to invest themselves in and get excited about. Along with the short stories we also released a BTS video of these videos helping show the filmmaking process.  

Key Collaborators

Producer: Daryn Crowninshield, Joey Robinson

Production Designers: Reece Koetter

Directors of Photography: Joseph An

Sound Supervisor: Jacob Higbee

Composer: Jansseen Swent

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